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Awesome posts of the week – June week 2

top posts of the week

Hello everybody, if you were busy this week and couldn’t follow new posts in the IT community, don’t worry about it, I am bringing you the top ten posts written last week. See if you find something interesting and if you like it, maybe you can follow the content creator.

Here are the posts:

Patterns for Building JavaScript Websites in 2022 by Ryan Carniato

Ultrasonic payments by Charlie Gerard

6 Lessons I Learned From Maintaining an Open-Source Project with 800k Downloads by Simon Egersand

Building Your Own Programming Language From Scratch Part IV: Implementing Functions by Alexander Makeev

Kubesimplify – A Journey to remember by Saiyam Pathak

Better scrolling through modern CSS by Mayank

5 Bash Syntax For Going Beyond Traditional Shell Scripting by Shalitha Suranga

How to Easily Automate Emails with Python by Frank Andrade

Excel Users, Here’s How to Take Your Data Analysis and Reports to The Next Level by Frank Andrade

Sunsetting Atom by GitHub

If that is not enough for you, you can always check my posts.

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