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Awesome posts of the week – June week 3

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Hello everybody, if you were busy this week and couldn’t follow new posts in the IT community, don’t worry about it, I am bringing you the top ten posts written last week. See if you find something interesting and if you like it, maybe you can follow the content creator.

Here are the posts:

How to use Docker in your Node and React Applications by Andrew Baisden

Writing a Game in Typescript by Daniel Schulz

React + TypeScript + ESLint + Prettier Full Setup by SUCHINTAN DAS

A Lesson in Confidence: What I’ve Learned From Working at Google as a Software Engineer by Zachary Allegretti

How to Know It’s Time to Move On to Another Job as a Software Engineer by Axel Dietrich

Complex coding concepts explained through visual diagrams by Anupam Chugh

Python Became “the Language of the Year” 3 Times in 4 Years. It Won’t Be This Year by Bex T.

Reducing Bugs in React Codebase by understanding anti-patterns by Darshita Chaturvedi

A Curiosity About Software Product Development & It’s Future! by Dev Technosys

Uncover the 7 Best Security Sites on the Internet by Christian Kameir

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